The Joy of Coaching Women

After happily and successfully coaching both men and women since 2006,  I have decided to work solely with women  as part of my business re-launch in May 2011.

Inner Confidence has now been remamed Inner Confidence for Women.
I have been asked many times what has inspired me to niche my business to women only and my answer is that there is both a personal and a professional driver for the change.

On a personal level, I became a mother to an amazing daughter – Nancy Isis – in February 2010 and the whole experience has stirred up emotions and memories of my childhood as a young girl in a loving, yet patriachal household where I learned very skillfully how to be a people pleaser and give away my time, energy and emotions to others, rather than to be self-aware and take care of myself.

The small village South of Cambridge where I grew up  was rural and fun and was populated with many boys but very few girls. To fit in with the boys, I became one of them, inhabiting my inner-male and supressing my emotions, hiding my vulnerability and denying myself the joys of letting my feminie energy flow.

Thanks to the personal development paths I have chosen to travel I am now a confidant and assertive woman, no longer a pleaser , who has a healthy balance of male and female energy.  I feel really passionate about helping other women who can relate to my description – and who will have unique stories of their own – to find their inner confidence and personal power and to choose to live the life they really want.

On a professional level, I have found that women blosom in an all female environment and by niching my business to women only I am creating a online, face to face and workshop environment for women to explore safely, supported and in celebration with and of one another.

I am feeling really excited about the work I am doing with amazing, brave and powerful women . That’s not always how they feel when they first come to coaching of course, but their inner strengths quickly shine through thanks to their willingness to explore deep within, being open to challange their current thoughts and behaviours and because they take action to change and improve their lives.

As the days in May pass quicker than I had anticipated – and I learn the joys and challenges of balancing parenthood with re-launching and running a successful coaching business – I look forward to meeting you here to share thoughts, ideas and experiences around Confidence and womanhood.