Self Esteem – Are you increasing or decreasing yours each day?

When you have good self esteem you value yourself, listen to yourself and act upon your wishes and desires.

Good self esteem is the root to being happy and the great news is that you can increase your esteem with ease by simply paying attention to yourself and acting upon what you notice with small and consistent steps. For example, if you notice that you need some time to re-charge and rest then put some time in your diary for that evening to take care of yourself. Prioritise yourself.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? That’s because it is. But do you actually do it? Knowing something and acting upon that knowledge get you very different results in life. Are you a “know-er” or a “do-er”?

It’s important to remember that as easily as you can build up your esteem, you can knock it down and decrease it. So be gentle and careful with yourself.

Imagine your esteem like a ball of brightly coloured play doh in the shape of a heart. Each time you ignore yourself, put yourself to the bottom of the pile, criticise yourself, put yourself down in front of others, feel one way and act another or say yes when really you want to say no, a little piece of your self-worth is lost. It’s like tearing off a piece of your play doh heart and throwing it on the floor. Your esteem gets smaller and smaller.

Let’s turn that around. Imagine listening to yourself, putting your needs first sometimes, speaking to yourself in a gentle encouraging tone, speaking about yourself respectfully to others, noticing how you feel and choosing actions to support that feeling or having the courage to say no to others so you can say yes to yourself. All of these choices would build your esteem and increase your ability to be happy.

The message you would be giving yourself would be that you are a valuable human being and that you are worth the time and effort which would increase the level of esteem you hold for yourself. Within your imagination, you would be adding beautiful and bright amounts to your play doh heart regularly and consistently.

Imagine your esteem increasing … how would that be for you? Give it a go … chose any one small thing to embrace and do differently this week and you will notice the difference. You are worth the effort.

Don’t be afraid of the ‘S’ word – selfish! The more you take care of yourself, the better you can be for others.

If guilt is your block them come back soon to my blog for articles on understanding and releasing feelings of guilt.

Enjoy building your esteem and feel good from the inside out. To learn more about building your self esteem come to my workshop – How To Feel Good From The Inside Out – on May 26th at The Self Centre

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